Carbon County Welcomes New Economic Development and Tourism Director

Shanny Wilson was recently named the new Carbon County Economic Development and Tourism Director, coming into the position with many years of experience at the local university under her belt.

Wilson was born and raised in Salt Lake City. From there, she attended the College of Eastern Utah (CEU) on a theater scholarship. Following two years, she moved to Southern Utah University and then Utah State University, where she received her undergrad degree in journalism and public relations.

Wilson’s husband then earned a position working at the college in Price, though she admits that they were not sure where they would end up longterm. Initially, she and her husband were on a five year plan, though they have remained in the area for 25 years.

Then, Wilson also received a call from the recruitment office and was offered a job as CEU’s very first high school student recruiter, a job that she did for one year part-time.

Wilson also worked at the Prehistoric Museum as the gift shop manager for about a year before heading back to the college in the academic advising world. She was the general advisor for five years before being appointed to the director position, a position she held for nearly 10 years. At that time, administration informed her that they wished to develop an experience program on campus, with Wilson acting as director.

For about seven years, she was the director of orientation and first-year experience. During that time, she also finished her graduate degree and earned her Master’s in Technical Communication. When the county’s economic development and tourism director position became available, she was eager to apply.

Wilson stated that applying was a big decision as she was not only coming into a new job, but a complete career switch. Right now, her main focus is learning about development.

She has been working to compile information that she can provide to different companies and businesses that are looking to expand and relocate to the area. One of her main goals is to be a resource for the community and a contact person for someone that is looking to possibly relocate here, build here or expand.

Another goal of Wilson’s is business retention and expansion. Already, she has been speaking with business owners in town, giving information and selling the county with all of the wonderful things that it has to offer.

Wilson also plans to support tourism. She loves the area and the great outdoors, and she can often be found boating, fishing and hunting. She said that the area and culture here is really fascinating to her, which is something that initially drew her to the position.

“The plan was not to stay and now I can’t imagine ever leaving,” said Wilson.

Being able to be part of what happens in regard to recreation was important to Wilson, who hopes to make a difference. She remarked that there are so many amazing things about this area and she has already learned a lot since coming into the new position.

Wilson is excited to offer her services and believes that the connection with the campus is one of the reasons that she was a strong candidate, as she really knows what the university has to offer.

Currently, Wilson is speaking with a number of potential businesses and providing the information that they desire. Though there is nothing concrete at this time, the conversations have been good experience for her. Wilson also stated that she has three great bosses and the commissioners have been very helpful, guiding her through the process.

Wilson and her husband, married for 25 years, are parents to two children. Their daughter is attending Southern Utah University and their son is at Carbon High, meaning they have two freshmen in one year, one in college and one in high school. Wilson is a huge supporter of her children and never misses anything that they are involved in.

Wilson stated that she is really excited to be in the new role and to work with the community more. She is very grateful that she was chosen for the position, as well as humbled.

Carbon County Welcomes New Economic Development and Tourism Director

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